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Voice enabled chat (audio calling)

Voice enabled chat / audio calling is basically streaming audio inputs asynchronously between two or more end users.

At QuickBlox we have first build video chat so please check [video chat / calling] page for more details but this is basically to let you know audio calling without picture is also possible. This is typically done to reduce the internet traffic and improve quality in poor signal areas - audio signal takes a lot of bandwidth and when live picture is added, it has to reduce the audio quality to be able to fit the sound in. So if you don't need the video please find below how to limit your calling just to audio.

How it works

QuickBlox SDK client library works with input sources (camera, microphone), codecs, compression and then the data is streamed peer-to-peer between end users. This way, audio calling doesn't impact the server much - so the system is highly scalable. Server however enables the handshake between end users before streaming starts to take place and also it resolves NAT traversal in case configuration of networks and firewalls between end users makes call impossible otherwise. This is done with the help of QB STUN/TURN server.

Typically both audio and video calling is used along with 1:1 / IM textual chat communication but there are use cases (such is in gaming or when walking / driving for example) where they are used on their own.

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